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 "This should be your first port of call in   Chaitén." -- The South American Handbook


 "This should be your first port of call in   Chaitén." -- The South American Handbook



 Chaitur Excursions is a small, family-run company that has been helping travellers discover and enjoy this amazing area of Chile for over twelve years. Around Chaitén we do:

  • Trips to Pumalin Park, the most diverse temperate        rainforest in the world, including hikes to the ancient Alerce forest, with trees over 3000 years old, and        amazing waterfalls.
  • Trekking, to the astounding Yelcho and Michimahuida glaciers
  • Chaitén Volcano, photographic trips with geological and ecological orientation.   Also Ascents to the caldera´s rim. Views of the Chaitén Volcano´s        Rhyolite Lava Dome.
  • Relaxing days at the natural hot baths in El Amarillo
  • Walks along the black volcanic sands of Santa Barbara beach
  • Boat excursions to sea lion colonies
  • Organizing of rafting and kayaking on the world-famous Rio Futaleufú 
  • Special trips for your special interests, such as photography, fishing, bird watching, trekking, horseback riding and scientific investigations.
  • Mountain Bike Rental.

Outside of the Chaitén area we do private excursions along the whole of the ´Carretera Austral´, the  unique Chilean Southern Highway. 

what we offer

 Accommodations:   Bed and Breakfast and Cabins in Chaitén

A list of Hospedajes and   Cabins in Chaitén that are good, clean, friendly, with hot showers,   electricity, and meals. They are people that love their town and have done   their best to make your stay here enjoyable:

Cabañas Pudu calle 668,   also have home cooked meals
 Cabañas Brisas del Mar calle Corcovado 278
 Hospedaje Don Carlos calle Almirante Riveros with Pratt, also have home   cooked meals
 Hospedaje Llanos Corcovado 378, also have home cooked meals
 Hospedaje y Restaurant Corcovado, calle Corcovado 410, meals
 El Refugio corner calle Corcovado with Juan Todesco, meals
 Hotel Shilling calle Corcovado 258
 Casa de Rita calle Almirante Riveros with Pratt
 also Restaurant La Roca calle Almirante Riveros just in front of the school.


Ferry Naviera   Austral

Naviera Austral is the   ferry connection to Chaitén. Their website is
 It has the ferry destinations, times tables and tariffs, You can buy your   tickets online.
 In general the Naviera Austral Ferry Schedule says there are 5 trips a week   between Pto. Montt - Chaitén,
 1 trip a week between Quellon - Chaiten, 1 trip a week between Castro -   Chaitén and 3 trips a week between Hornopiren - Chaitén.
 If you have a vehicle, get your tickets in advance.

Chaitén: The good people of Chaitén are   rebuilding the town they love. It has been eight and a half years since the   Chaitén Volcanic Eruption. There is still a lot more to do.

If you have any questions   about our town or area, write us and I'll try to answer them.



Transportation Services

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 Transportation Services: Buses to Futaleufu,   Coyhaique, Pto. Montt, La Junta, Puyuhuapi and Reservations for Airplanes and   Ferry.

Our Chaitur office in the   bus terminal is the one stop for travel services and information in Chaitén.

Bus Schedule Spring   2016 Chaitur Office.

We sell tickets for all   the different buses that travel along the ´Carretera Austral´. This is the   current Bus Schedule for Spring 2016. Will update for the Summer 2017. (   Usually Chaiten - to Coyhaique there   are five trips a week.

  • Buses        Chaiten to Coyhaique, Puyuhuapi, and La Junta, on Wednesday and Sunday, leaving the Chaitur office at        11:30hrs. (more trips later in January.(*will update)
  • Buses        Chaiten to Futaleufú, Everyday leaving the Chaitur        office at 12:00hrs. 
  • Also        a second trip Chaitén to        Futaleufú Every day at 16:00hrs approx.
  • Buses        Chaiten to La Junta on Monday and Friday leaving        the Chaitur office at 16:00hrs.*Connections to Puyuhuapi and Coyhaique        next day at 05:00hrs.
  • Buses        Chaiten to Palena, Everyday leaving the        Chaitur office at 12:00hrs. 
  • Also        a second trip Chaitén to Palena       Every day at 16:00hrs approx.
  • Other        bus info.
  • Buses        Chaitén to Pto. Montt the bus leaves every day at        11:00hrs. * This is a new travel option called The Bi-Modal Route. The        bus travels on the Northern Carreterra Austral starting from Chaitén and        travels thru to Pto. Montt by road and navigating the Fjords Reñihue,        Comau, and Seno de Reloncavi by ferry.

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Special Requests Available

For small group tours, we can customize an itinerary to emphasize your interests. If you have a special request, send us a message, and we will be sure to get back to you soon.

Chaitur Excursions

Chaitur Excursions O'Higgins 67 Chaiten, Chaiten X Region cl

09 7468 5608